Thursday, March 3, 2011

Distortion and Divine Essence

"The Soul uses our human body much like a carriage, being carried along through the human part of our journey. This human carriage is pulled along by two horses, one of which is Divine Essence and the other Distorted. The reins of the carriage are in the hands of our self-awareness. It is through the journey that our Soul is developed." Patrick Ryan
I like this image. I find it useful in being in relationship with myself and others. Many times I have observed myself and others handing the reigns over to distorted and even kicking it's heels with shiny spurs. I have also observed in myself and others that we hand the reigns over to our Divine Essence with caution and only on rare occasions do we kick in the spurs and unabashedly ride with our Divine Essence. It's more like an uneasy trot.
When I was a kid I loved to ride horses with my dad. I remember the joy and excitement of riding while the horse was galloping and jumping over streams, and the contentment of a long, leisurely ride in the wilderness.
I've also experienced what it feels like to be on the back of a horse that is "spooked" or startled. Suddenly I was very aware how large and powerful this animal was and how much it would hurt if I were bucked off. In that moment I had two choices, to give total control over to the spooked beast and feed into his fear or to use my human facilities to regain control and calm the horse down. A trained horse will respond to their riders commands and energy. They have the ability to switch from distortion to Divine Essence very quickly.
As you ride through your week, notice which horse has the reigns. If it's Divine take it slow and enjoy the ride and from time to time kick in the spurs!
Jodi Christensen

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Ron Krumpos said...

In my ebook on comparative mysticism, "the greatest achievement in life," there are many references to divine essence.

(10) In the mystical tradition of religions, we can directly experience the divine in this life by giving up our ego and individuality to be in the soul, then consciously sharing in the unitive divine essence.
(10) Few people are aware that the divine essence is the essence of All. That art Thou, the divine is in you, is a declaration of many scriptures; most mystics believe that essence to be the ultimate, eternal Reality.
(11) Thou art That: you are in the divine essence; you must be dedicated to fully realizing it.

(17) Most mystics say that each of us is born with the essence of the divine; sin is our separation from the divine, ignoring or not seeking our soul. Mystics view atonement as accepting at-one-ment; it is reuniting with our soul and the One divine essence in All.
(18) Mystics expanded to a search for oneness with the divine essence.

(26) Divine essence is in the stars and planets, as it is in All, yet the stars and planets in any alignment do not make absorption in divine unity any easier nor more difficult.

(37) Using Allah, (celestial) Buddha, God, ha-Shem, Ishvara, or other words does not change the divine essence.

(46) Union with the divine, however, surpasses knower, known and knowing; it is to be at one with the divine essence.

(56) The divine essence is just outside your door, but when you keep it closed it cannot come in to transform your life.
(56) It is the divine essence waiting outside your own barriers, present presently in this place at this moment.

(58) Many of them said that the divine essence is nothing, i.e. no thing, that it is immanent in all things, yet it is transcendent to everything.
(58) Some mystics equate grace, love and spirit with the divine essence.
(59) It is not being where the divine lives, but to be what the divine essence is here and now.

(60) Perhaps we can reinterpret, and adjust, that formula to help clarify the correlation between divine Essence, matter and consciousness: E = mc ^f(x).
(60) The fourth power is suprarational consciousness of mystics, when they intuit the divine essence in perceived matter.
(61) Divine essence...emanates and sustains universal matter (mass/energy: visible/dark) and cosmic consciousness (c^f(x) raised to its greatest power). During suprarational consciousness, and beyond, mystics share in that essence to varying extents.

(71) Most true mystics feel it is impossible to portray direct awareness in divine essence with words which most people could understand.

(73) It is not our soul, it is an emanation of infinite, eternal divine essence that permeates all of existence, regardless of how we view the creating process.

(77) Surface soul is like this self’s reflection in the divine; conscience opens soul’s depths to reflect the divine essence in this self’s life.

(82) True mystics feel wholeness often. is identifying with the divine essence everywhere.
(83) The divine essence is Reality, even if you do not believe in God.

(87) Their prime concern is accepting the flow of divine essence into every aspect of their being.

(89) Spirituality, intuiting divine essence in all, enhanced their felt awareness.

(95) “Surface soul is a self’s reflection in the divine; conscience opens the soul’s depths to reflect the divine essence in this self’s life.”