Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hope and Change~For the People, By the People

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Ghandi said it best~ "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

We have unfathomable power through our words, thoughts, and intent. They literally create our world, our reality!
Hope and Change~By the People, For the People is a project that encourages community to collectively set an intention of a peaceful and fair election process and for the safety of our newly elected leaders as they go forth in service to the greatest good of our planet and its people, restoring balance and harmony.

Do your part wherever your are, whenever you can. Have friends over to your house for a potluck and discussion on what a positive election process is and what strong, healthy leaders look like to you. What does liberty and justice for all mean to you? Do something through your school, your community, your church. Just do something. Change begins with yourself. Now is the time!

People worldwide are setting their intentions for change! Check out the following link:
In Peace,

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Power of Sound, Intention and Love

I just returned from an amazing Shamanic Sound Healing Workshop with Chilean Medicine Woman Luzclara. Together we, twenty-eight women and one gentleman, embraced our connection with one another, the earth and spirit through meditation, breathing, sound, dance, chanting and drumming. The sacred space we created through our intention and love was very powerful. I really had no expectation going into the workshop. The power of sound in healing keeps coming up in my meditations and sessions with clients and I knew I needed to explore that more. So, I opened myself up to expansion and clarity.

Several participants had cathartic healing responses during our meditations and ceremony. It was an honor to hold the place for them as they let go and allowed their light to shine brightly, to heal. I thought, well, this is cool. However, I was a bit surprised that I did not feel as connected to the process as the other participants did. But, I knew I was supposed to be there, so I let go of judgement and continued to be present. Then it hit me like a lightening bolt striking my heart center, opening me up to the universe and reminding me of my purpose, no joke! This happened when Luzclara briefly spoke about her country, Chile, and the intensity of her life through years of living in the face of fear, fascism and the whims of dictators. As she spoke, my heart opened more and the tears flowed. She spoke of Pinochet and the the violence of his leadership, the men and women who were imprisoned for speaking their truth, others that were murdered or disappeared. She spoke of her discovering the power of prayer and intention and how it transformed her anger into love. She spoke of how her sisters, 3,500 of them, came together for one week with one intention. They, through the power of sound, intention and love, would pray that Pinochet would leave without bloodshed. They drummed, cried, healed, danced, chanted, ate, celebrated life, sent thoughts of love, peace and harmony out to the universe for 5 days straight. There were no cries of "down with Pinochet" or battle cries, only chants, thoughts of love and peace. Then they went their separate ways. But, continued to hold the intention in their hearts and thoughts. Within 2 weeks, Pinochet upset our government and long story short, an election was demanded and the people voted him out and he left without bloodshed. This occurred 3 months after the women concluded their ceremony.

I was riveted. I was crying heavily and there was an understanding in my heart. This was the story that I was to hear that day, this was what I was to bring home with me. Luzclara awoke in me, with her story, a need to be more responsible, a need to lead without fear, to help make the change we so desperately need on our planet and to wake up and step up to my purpose.

Whoa...was I up to it (fear talking again!)? Where do I begin? I drove home in silence and listened to my heart and mind formulate ideas, letting them come and go without judgement and fear. It was no surprise to me that when I checked our blog for entries last night that Jodi had also found herself in a place of wanting to hold a place of peace during this election time. I told you that we often come up with ideas at the same time, finish each others sentences....I love that!

We have decided to hold the space for our community to collectively set an intention of a peaceful and fair election process and for the safety of our newly elected leaders as they go forth in service to the greatest good of our planet and its people, restoring balance and harmony. Can you see it now, can you feel it, breath it? Ahhhhh...

Check back in a couple days for details on how you can join us, be empowered during this election process and help to create a peaceful planet!
In peace and light, Erin

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Please vote

We are in full swing of the election season... just in case you've missed this somehow.
Is it just me or do the campaigns seem more negative than usual this year? I'm turned off more than ever by the candidates this year (yes, even the one's I support). So, so disheartened am I! Their ads are all about how bad the other guy is. Why don't they just tell us what they stand for and what they're going to do if elected? Worse yet, we all get wrapped up in this. It's challenging not to.
In this time, when negative campaign ads run as rampant as bunnies on park point, let's all focus on sending positive thoughts to our political leaders. Now I know that this can require a significant shift in thinking. Just don't get wrapped up in who you want to win or who you want to see go down. Focus on the idea of political leaders that have our country, state, (and while we're at it, world's) highest good as their agenda. I personally don't care so much if they're Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. Who actually knows "Joe" and has his/our best interest in their heart? Is their anyone out there???
Meditate for peace, honest politicians, qualified leaders.
Please do your part and cast your informed vote during this important upcoming election. Do a little research. Vote for issues that matter to you!
In peace, Jodi

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What I learned from my mom

I'm a lucky girl. My mom, (Mama Mary) and our friend, Vesna (mom #2) came to visit last week. We had such a great time relaxing in Duluth.
Things I've learned from my mom:
Unconditional love, Conditional love, Beauty, Grace, Strength, Open-mindedness, Organization, Strong work ethic, Loyalty, Importance of family, How to play Yahtzee, How to enjoy life no matter your circumstances, When to speak your mind, When to bite your tongue, Deep appreciation for Neil Diamond, Not so deep appreciation for the movie Out of Africa, Deep love of popcorn, How to play fun games with kids, How to pull pranks on friends, How to be a good friend, How to be responsible, How to drive, How to bake cookies, How to make Taco Salad (Catalina dressing is a must), How to thoroughly enjoy a day at the beach, How to face my fears (like needles!), How to make people happy when they're sad, How to be clever, How to dye my hair, How to wear makeup, How to second hand shop and look good, How to ride a bike, How to smell good, How to dress up like a witch for Halloween (cotton balls under tights are essential), she loves me no matter how many tattoos I get, She loves me and accepts me for who I am.