Thursday, September 30, 2010

Humming for Healing

I have found myself humming a lot these days. Humming during meditation, humming when I am happy and humming when I am sad. Humming while my child has a meltdown and afterwards to calm myself down! It feels good. Try it, right now. Go ahead. It's just you and your computer screen. Experiment with it a bit. Hum high and hum low. Notice how your body feels as you do so. Allow a more nasal quality to come through your hum tones. Can you feel the vibration increase in your head, in your body as you do that? Allowing a more nasal quality to come forth is a wonderful way to stave off a head cold or sinus infection. It really opens up the sinuses and allows for energy to move, clearing the sinuses in the process.

Your body is a resonating chamber. We actually restore a sense of calm when we hum, we ground ourselves in our humming. No wonder so many parents hum as they rock their babes to sleep. Recent research shows that humming promotes: wound healing, dilation of blood vessels, collagen production and a release of oxytocin, also known as the trust hormone.

We all have a hum and tones that make up our song. Our personal harmonic symphony. Some spiritual teachers share that our hum, our song connects us to our divinity. I know I have felt that during meditation and I have sensed shifts in my perspective when I allow myself to hum instead of "react" to life's curve balls. It seems a little silly at first, but then so are my tantrums. I prefer simple tools like humming to help me shift my perspective in a moment. Give it a try. If anything, it will make you smile and that's a beautiful thing!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Will Not Die and Unlived Life~ Dawna Markova

I am writing today with the intention of posting to the Deep Peace Wellness blog for the first time. I have never read a blog nor written one. Yet, the opportunity to reflect on my journey and share those reflections seems attractive to me.

I can't find the email in which Erin asked Jodi and I to write but I think she asked us to write about what has been motivating and sustaining us throughout the past summer. Keeping it simple I want to share a few thoughts which have been stimulated by a quote I have been carrying from Dawna Markova in her book “I will not die and unlived life” . She says- “I need to give my attention to the simple things that give me pleasure with the same fervor I have been giving it to the complex things with which I drive myself crazy.”

How much time do I spend on a daily basis rehashing the same obsessive thoughts and ideas? Do I come up with any original ideas? Do I come up with any concrete actions? Much more likely, I come up with nothing other than reinforcement for the tension in my shoulders.

Markova's words challenge me to ask myself -what is juicy in my life? What is there that gives me pleasure? Daring to ask these questions of myself I open to the possibility of new ideas, maybe even dangerous actions. Dangerous in the sense that they may take me out of my everyday obsessive, compulsive, you can't make me enjoy my life rut!

Care to join Gary in the challenge? Let us know what comes forward for you...

Grandmother's Gathering for Gitchigaaming on Madeline Island

I take a deep breath as I think and feel for where to start in sharing about this remarkable experience. Remarkable doesn't do justice, no words really can and yet I am compelled to make an effort as it is to be shared.

Forty-eight Elder women from 12 states gathered on Madeline Island August 12th-15th in appreciation of Gitchigaaming (Lake Superior) and in celebration of Elder Women wisdom. Ah, I am sighing again. Those of you who participated understand why. The experience touched a very deep place in our hearts, in our spirits. Moved us at our very core. It was beautiful, they were beautiful, the Lake was beautiful, the community that attended the Inter-generational Day were beautiful. I think you are catching on...

We gathered in intimate talking circles each day where we focused our intention and attention on our connection with Lake Superior (and or other sacred bodies of water that were precious to us), our connection with the water within our bodies and how water is the life force connecting all of us with one another and the earth. We expressed our appreciation for one another and The Lake through the process of Gifting. We visited Lake Superior everyday, each day in a different way. We engaged in sacred ceremony and we listened. We listened. We listened. We listened to one another, to the earth, to the water. We listened to the water, we loved the water, we held her and she us. And we shared the wisdom gifted to us with one another and the community of people that gathered on the Inter-generational day. Something big happened that day and each day we gathered, something big is still happening and it is vitality, it is joy, it is truth, it is beauty, it is cooperation, it is love, it is love, it is love.

Please join me at the Duluth Holistic Health Expo at the DECC in October where I will share in greater detail the impact this gathering had on me and on others, the wisdom that came forward during the Inter-generational day and the gifts that continue to unfold in the wake of the wave that we co-created with Lake Superior, with the Earth, Spirit and our hearts. Discover the power of your thoughts, words, feelings and intention and how you can put them into service for your greatest good and for that of the water. Thank you, thank you, thank you...Erin

Sound Healing Intensive and the Day of Toning

Wow! I can't believe how quickly summer has flowed. Do you feel that too? It has been incredible! I experienced so much personal growth and transformation. I feel like the plant growing in my kitchen. It is sooo very tall right now, one of its branches boldly reaching ever higher. Okay, beginning to sound like Star Trek, but seriously that is how I feel. Why? I think a great deal has to do with the people I have met this summer and the experiences that we shared. Remember back in July~ I invited you to join me in the 2010 Day of Toning for Personal and Planetary Healing? Did you have a chance to do that? If so, please respond with your experience, I'd love to hear from you.

For those of you who missed that invite, I engaged in a 9 Day Sound Healing Intensive this summer in Loveland Colorado with Sound Healing Master Jonathan Goldman and 90 spectacular beings from 14 countries. It was amazing! The Day of Toning occurred midway through our training. We really worked our way up to this day, preparing emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically without even knowing we were doing so- yeah, Jonathan is that good. We began each day at 7am with meditation and toning and we did not end our day until 10 pm. I am buzzing just thinking about it! We really co-created a strong net of light for one another and our planet.

The night before our Day of Toning, several of us joined Jim Albani, Day of Toning Mastermind, in helping to prepare the space. Ready for this all of you Gregg Bradden and Quantum Physics fans, Jim had created life size sacred geometrical forms that participants could sit inside of and meditate. I have to say that I was blown away by each of them, they really held their own unique essence and within them, I journeyed deep and went places that I have never been. But, what really transformed our space was the creation of a Vesica Pisces out of dried corn kernels. A Vesica Pisces is a form created from 2 concentric circles, it is a sacred formation that is found in several spiritual and religious traditions around the world.

On the Day of Toning, we all entered the room cleansed by sage and our intention. We committed, before entering, to surrender our emotional blocks to spirit, to trust the process and share in gratitude for the experience and for all things. We essentially committed to making room for more love and light to flow through us not only for our own personal healing, but for a greater purpose~ for planetary healing. And the thing is, everyone of us~ 90 diverse individuals from around the world had offered a cosmic YES! when they committed to attending the Intensive, their cosmic YES! was for that greater purpose, it was for the planet. It was a YES! to this evolutionary impulse that, on that day especially, was driving our very being. And with our toning the heart chakra vowel sound "Ah" for 12 continuous hours, with this intention of surrender, trust and gratitude partnered with the visualization of a planet that was healthy and well in every way, we co-created magic together.

If you have never been in a room with 90 people toning love from their hearts for 12 hours, well~ the best I can do with words is state that it was like being in a room full of angels singing. The harmonics and overtones that were created lifted us and the earth in a dynamic flow of light. It was the closest feeling I have ever had to unity consciousness. I did not know everyone's story and in the space we co-created, we let go of our stories and allowed truth to flow. I can't talk about it without tears and apparently I am unable to write about it without tears too. Phew... I opened in my awareness a new sense of possibility for humanity. If this group of 90 people, speaking different languages, with different belief systems and faiths could co-create such an incredible experience together in such a short time, what could we do if even 10,000 people embraced the sacred vowel sounds and created a practice of toning them for their personal transformation and for that of the planet? I have shivers all over, as I know it is possible!

I will be sharing some of Jonathan's teachings and my experiences with toning in an Introduction to Toning the Sacred Vowel Sounds Workshop in November. Details coming soon. Come and explore with me!

Want to join others in toning or learn about how the 2009 Day of Toning affected Global Consciousness? Check out Jonathan's Temple of Sacred Sound at