Friday, August 29, 2008

I can do it

Dr. Musaru Emoto is known for taking pictures of water crystals. He puts water in a dish, then writes a word on a piece of paper and places it beneath the dish. He then freezes the water and takes a picture of the water crystal. Every crystal is Unique! This is picture of "I can do it." "Beautiful" is quite beautiful, and guess what "hate" looks like. "Try" is only partially formed. He has several books out and is featured on the movie "What the bleep do we know." A movie everyone should see. And by everyone I mean everyone!

Our internal and external dialogue creates our reality. What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror or face life's challenges? Next time say "I am beautiful" or "I can do it." Think "Peace" rather than "No War." That is where change begins.

At our last community meditation we spent time thinking about all the things in our life we are grateful for. Thoughts of chocolate filled the room with smiles. Then we spent time thinking of our dreams... that trip you've always wanted to take, that career change you long for, slowing down, looking for agates on Lake Superior. Feeling how it would feel to have those become reality.

Richard Gordon the founder of Quantum-Touch suggests that when you think about what you would like to have, create, or change, think about all the consequences of the new reality. If you want to live in a different home, think of all the consequences of being there. Is it comfortable to have that extra space and beauty around you, the ease, comfort and convenience?

The trick is to feel completely at peace with the consequences of what you wish to have in your new reality. Live in the vibration of the consequences of that success and you will find that reality will flow in your direction far more fluidly.

I have a peaceful, easy feeling about the consequences of knocking the wall out between my kitchen and living room.

I've been a devout fan of U2 ever since I saw them on MTV playing on a rooftop in NYC. My favorite quote of all time and personal mantra is from the genius Bono-

"This is your future. The only limits our the limits of your imagination. Dream of the kind of world you want to live in. Dream out loud in a high volume. That's what we do for a living."

Maybe it's the Irish accent I find so inspiring. Either way it sounds like a good idea to me. Bono's full of good ideas!

Winston was on to something...
One minute each night during WWII and advisor to Churchill organized a group of people who dropped what they were doing every night at a prescribed hour for one minute to collectively pray for the safety of England, its people and peace. This had an amazing effect as bombing stopped.
There is now a group of people organizing the same thing her in America. If you would like to participate: Each evening at 9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 7:00 Mountain, 6:00 Pacific, stop whatever you're doing and spend one minute meditating for people around the world, the people of the United States, for peace in the world, and the upcoming election.
We can do it!
In Peace,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Techno Storms

My brain feels like it has been pan fried. The website is almost up and running and I am cross eyed. Good thing I enjoyed an hour of meditating with some super cool Duluthians this eve or I would be out like a light.

Speaking of which. The skies are singing and the lights in my house are flickering. The sound and smell of rain are amazing, electric light display over Lake Superior, drumming of thunder in the air. LOVE it! Do we live in a cool universe or what? Time to trade this screen in for a better view.